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Category: Smackdown Live Coverage

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are in the back and they are asked about their match last night on Raw and their hype going into tonight. Ciampa says they have made careers of defying expectations. He was not handed the title, he earned it. Johnny says it is crazy to think that they went to war against each other in this building and now they are together on Smackdown. They are going to show that they are the future.

Cesaro and Sheamus stop by and Cesaro says it is bring your NXT Superstar to Work Day. Cesaro says no one knows who you are or cares about you. He tells them to stay on NXT.

Ciampa says they are here to take over. Gargano says they are not here to set the bar, they are here to break the bar.

Sheamus and Cesaro laugh at Gargano and Ciampa and then walk away.

Match Number Two: Sheamus and Cesaro versus Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

Sheamus and Ciampa start things off. They lock up and Sheamus backs Ciampa into the corner. Sheamus runs his forearm across the bridge of the nose on the break. Ciampa with a waist lock and Sheamus with an elbow. Ciampa with a kick to Sheamus and a boot to the temple. Sheamus goes to the floor. Cesaro tags in and he wants Gargano. Gargano tags in. Cesaro with a waist lock and he floats over onto Gargano. Cesaro with a wrist lock and Gargano with a reversal. Gargano wtih a head scissors and a rollup for a near fall. Cesaro with a European uppercut and Gargano goes down hard.

Sheamus tags in and he kicks Gargano from the apron. Ciampa makes the tag and Sheamus is sent to the floor. Ciampa clotheslines Cesaro over the top rope to the floor. Ciampa with a knee to Sheamus to knock him off the apron and Gargano with a suicide dive. Cesaro with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Ciampa after Cesaro catches Ciampa off the apron. Sheamus with a knee to Gargano as we go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro with a reverse chin lock on Ciampa. Ciampa with a jaw breaker and a boot to Cesaro. Ciampa comes off the turnbuckles and is met with a European uppercut. Sheamus tags in and runs across Ciampa’s back to knock Gargano off the apron. Ciampa goes to the corner but Gargano is not in the corner to make the tag. Sheamus with a knee in the corner followed by forearms as Sheamus sets for a super Air Raid Crash. Ciampa with elbows to Sheamus to get out of the hold. Ciampa with a sunset flip power bomb but Sheamus lands on Ciampa’s leg.

Cesaro and Gargano tag in and Gargano with kicks and a head scissors that sends Cesaro to the floor. Gargano with a thrust kick to Cesaro and a cannonball onto Sheamus from the apron. Cesaro misses a knee into the ringside barrier. Gargano sends Cesaro into the apron with a head scissors. Gargano wtih a slingshot DDT but Cesaro kicks out. Gargano floats over in the corner and connects with a rolling kick. Gargano with a La Mistica and Gargano with the GargaNo Escape. Cesaro is able to pick Gargano up and hit a back breaker. Sheamus tags in and Cesaro with a back breaker and Sheamus with a knee to the chest but Ciampa breaks up the cover.

Ciampa is sent to the floor and Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Gargano with a super kick as Sheamus taunts him. Gargano gets a near fall. Cesaro tags in and Ciampa goes to the floor to avoid Cesaro. Gargano with a rollup for a near fall. Ciampa with the blind tag in and a rollup for the three count.

Winners: Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

 Posted by: admin
 Date: February 20th 2019