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NXT Takeover New Orleans Results-April 7th,2018
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Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa

They start brawling to begin the match. Ciampa sent him to the apron but Gargano came back with a clothesline. Gargano put the boots to him in the corner. Gargano sent him into the turnbuckle and to the floor. Gargano hit an outside dive. Gargano tossed him over the barricade and to the floor. Gargano jumped over the barricade to take out Ciampa. Ciampa sent him back first into the guard rail then suplexed him on it.

Ciampa pulled up the mat and exposed the concerte. Ciampa went for a suplex but it was blocked and Gargano hit a super kick. Gargano sent him flying over the announce table. Gargano went for a powerbomb on the table but Ciampa fought back and hit a suplex to the floor. Ciampa landed a series of right hands then suplexed him on the table cover. Back in the ring, Ciampa continued the beat down. Gargano attempted to fight back but Ciampa caught him off. Ciampa locked in a Texas cloverleaf but Gargano got out of it. Ciampa with a running knee strike then grabbed a pair of crutches from a fan at ringside. Gargano avoided from being hit with a crutch then caught him with a head kick. Gargano hit a series of right hands before Ciampa took the legs from under him. Gargano avoided a suplex and caught him with a head kick. Gargano went for a slingshot DDT but Ciampa caught him. Gargano got out and hit a powerbomb on the concrete.

They both went for the crutch and Gargano got it and hit Ciampa with it a few times. Ciampa sent him to the floor. Gargano hit him in the head with the crutch and the spring board DDT for 2. Gargano exposed the turnbuckle and tried toss him into it but Ciampa blocked it. Ciampa with a back elbow. Gargano went for a spring board move but Ciampa hit a knee strike then a powerbomb for 2. Ciampa with a knee strike for 2. Gargano blocked a piledriver and hit a series of right hands. Ciampa with a big clothesline then missed a powerbomb. Gargano hit a reverse hurricanronna then locked in the Gargano Escape but Ciampa raked the eyes of Gargano. Ciampa tried to choke Gargano with his wrist tape but Gargano blocked. Gargano with right hands and got the better of the exchange. Ciampa with a low blow then hit him in the back with a crutch followed by his finisher for 2.

Ciampa talked trash to him and Gargano fired away with strikes but Ciampa cut him off. Gargano with a superkick, clothesline then sent him face first into the turnbuckle and a super kick for 2. Gargano went to the top rope but was cut off by Ciampa. Ciampa went for a back suplex but Gargano fought out of it. Ciampa hit his finisher off the top rope for 2. Ciampa took off his knee brace and pad. Gargano hit the bad knee of Ciampa with the brace then broke the crutch and acted like he was going to hit him with it. However, he didn’t as Ciampa covered up. Ciampa tried to hit him with the brace but Gargano moved and locked in the STF with the brace for the win.

Winner: Gargano


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