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NXT Results-February 7th,2018
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We are back and Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring.

Johnny says it has been a hell of a month. He was the most confident he had ever been going into Philly. He brought his family and he saw himself standing in this ring as champion. Unfortunately, that did not happen and it sucks. However, the reaction from the fans make it obvious to him that what he earned that night was more than a championship, he earned everyone’s respect. Johnny says he had the match of a lifetime. At his lowest of lows, he found out that title or no title, he is Johnny Gargano. He is Johnny ‘Freaking’ Wrestling.

Philadelphia will be a night that he will never forget. The other thing he will never forget. A crutch shot to the back. Johnny says he has held his tongue since Chicago, but he tells Tommaso Ciampa he is coming for him.

Johnny is interrupted by the music of the champion, Andrade Almas, who makes his way to the stage with Zelina Vega. They walk to the ring.

Zelina says you earned their respect. Who cares because you didn’t earn anything. Johnny should not be out here. Andrade should be out here with a parade and confetti. You did not prove anything other than the fact that you are a loser. Ciampa had nothing to do with you losing because the NXT Champion has beaten you again and again and again. You are not Johnny Wrestling, you are Johnny Loser.

Johnny says his favorite part of Takeover was earning their respect. His second favorite part was when his wife jumping the guardrail and attacked Zelina.

Zelina slaps Johnny and Candice LeRae comes to the ring and she pushes Zelina. Johnny pushes Almas and he goes to the floor.

Vega says she is sick of the two of you. What will it take to get rid of you? Almas has beaten you three times.

Johnny says if you want him gone, give him another shot at the title.

Vega wants to clarify the situation. If they give Johnny a championship match and you lose, you leave for good.

Johnny says if he cannot win the title, he will leave NXT.


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