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NXT Results-April 25th,2018
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Match Number Three: Johnny Gargano versus Aleister Black for the NXT Championship

Tommaso Ciampa attacks Gargano as he makes his way to the ring. Ciampa with forearms to the back and he sends Gargano into the announce table. Ciampa puts Gargano on the announce table. Ciampa asks Gargano if he thinks he is done. Ciampa goes for an Air Raid Crash through the table but Gargano gets to his fet and he super kicks Ciampa off the table. Gargano with a cross body onto Ciampa and he punches Ciampa.

Gargano punches Ciampa but Ciampa with a kick to the groin. Ciampa with a running knee to the side of the head. Officials try to escort Ciampa to the back but that never works and Ciampa hits an Air Raid Crash off the stage through a table.

Candice comes out to check on her husband while Ciampa watches from the stage.

They put Johnny onto a back board so they can get him on a stretcher and take him to the back.

Johnny is taken outside into an ambulance.

Aleister Black is by the ambulance as Johnny is put inside and drives away.

Tommaso Ciampa is on top of a production truck as he watches Johnny being taken to a local medical facility.

Johnny Gargano on Tommaso Ciampa Feud, NXT TakeOver, Rooting for...
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NXT superstar Johnny Gargano talks at WWE WrestleMania Radio Row 2018 about facing Tommaso Ciampa at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, their ongoing feud, being so beloved, how he works well with people of every size, and being a big Daniel Bryan fan.


Johnny Gargano on going to the main roster, Tommaso Ciampa feud,...
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Johnny Gargano chats with Chris Van Vliet in New Orleans the night after NXT Takeover New Orleans. Johnny talks about whether or not he is scared his character will be affected if he moves to the main roster, his feud with Tommaso Ciampa, how Johnny Manziel inspired his nickname “Johnny Wrestling”, he describes the day he met his wife Candice LeRae and much more!


NXT Results-April 18th,2018
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We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Mauro Ranallo and Percy Watson.

Johnny Gargano makes his way to the ring with Candice LeRae.

Johnny soaks in the feeling of being back at Full Sail after having his status in NXT reinstated.

Johnny says going into Takeover, he dreamt of this moment. Now that he has goosebumps, he cannot use words to describe it but it is good to be home. He has been defined by two words Tommaso Ciampa. He was his best friend and he broke his heart. He cost him the NXT title and stole his career. For the longest time, he could not even say Ciampa’s name. After 37 of the most intense minutes he ever spent inside a professional wrestling ring, he is standing here proud to say that he has his life back and he is where he belongs.

Johnny says that Johnny Wrestling is back in NXT. The past few months have been the toughest of his career, but seeing you shoving those signs in Tommaso’s face. You guys chanting his name. Johnny thanks everyone for having his back. Johnny turns his attention to Candice. He says he knows these past few months have been tough on both of them, but he would not have been able to do this without her and he tells Candice he loves her.

Johnny says enough of the mushy crap. He is back in NXT and Johnny Wrestling and Candice Wrestling have one last piece of unfinished business.

Candice takes the mic and she says tonight she will be handling that because she will be facing Zelina Vega.

Johnny says if Andrade tries to get involved, he will drop him like his name is Tommaso Ciampa. Johnny says after they move on from Zelina and Almas, there is one place to go. We have a new NXT Champion and you are looking at his first challenger because he is Johnny Wrestling and we are NXT.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Zelina Vega versus Candice LeRae

Zelina has something to say to Candice and then she pushes her. Candice pushes Vega to the mat. Candice avoids a clothesline and connects with one of her own. Almas shows up and distracts the referee to allow Vega to press slam Candice off the turnbuckles. Vega sends Candice to the floor and Johnny Gargano shows up. Vega slaps Candice and sends her back into the ring. Vega gets a near fall. Vega with a Dragon Sleeper but Candice backs Vega into the corner to get out of the hold. Candice misses a charge into the corner and Vega with a kick.

Vega sets for the running double knee strike and gets a near fall. Vega sets for the hammer lock DDT but Candice with a rollup for a near fall. Candice with punches and forearms followed by chops. LeRae with forearms in the corner and a running back elbow. Candice goes up top and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Candice gets another near fall. Vega with forearms and Candice with a head scissors into the GargaNo Escape and Gargano stops Almas from interfering and he applies the GargaNo Escape. Vega taps out.

Winner: Candice LeRae

After the match, Johnny says that was awesome. Now that they have taken care of Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega, he is challenging Aleister Black for the NXT Championship.

Aleister Black makes his way to the stage.

Black tells Johnny if he wants it, then next week you shall have it.

We go to credits.

NXT Takeover New Orleans Results-April 7th,2018
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Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa

They start brawling to begin the match. Ciampa sent him to the apron but Gargano came back with a clothesline. Gargano put the boots to him in the corner. Gargano sent him into the turnbuckle and to the floor. Gargano hit an outside dive. Gargano tossed him over the barricade and to the floor. Gargano jumped over the barricade to take out Ciampa. Ciampa sent him back first into the guard rail then suplexed him on it.

Ciampa pulled up the mat and exposed the concerte. Ciampa went for a suplex but it was blocked and Gargano hit a super kick. Gargano sent him flying over the announce table. Gargano went for a powerbomb on the table but Ciampa fought back and hit a suplex to the floor. Ciampa landed a series of right hands then suplexed him on the table cover. Back in the ring, Ciampa continued the beat down. Gargano attempted to fight back but Ciampa caught him off. Ciampa locked in a Texas cloverleaf but Gargano got out of it. Ciampa with a running knee strike then grabbed a pair of crutches from a fan at ringside. Gargano avoided from being hit with a crutch then caught him with a head kick. Gargano hit a series of right hands before Ciampa took the legs from under him. Gargano avoided a suplex and caught him with a head kick. Gargano went for a slingshot DDT but Ciampa caught him. Gargano got out and hit a powerbomb on the concrete.

They both went for the crutch and Gargano got it and hit Ciampa with it a few times. Ciampa sent him to the floor. Gargano hit him in the head with the crutch and the spring board DDT for 2. Gargano exposed the turnbuckle and tried toss him into it but Ciampa blocked it. Ciampa with a back elbow. Gargano went for a spring board move but Ciampa hit a knee strike then a powerbomb for 2. Ciampa with a knee strike for 2. Gargano blocked a piledriver and hit a series of right hands. Ciampa with a big clothesline then missed a powerbomb. Gargano hit a reverse hurricanronna then locked in the Gargano Escape but Ciampa raked the eyes of Gargano. Ciampa tried to choke Gargano with his wrist tape but Gargano blocked. Gargano with right hands and got the better of the exchange. Ciampa with a low blow then hit him in the back with a crutch followed by his finisher for 2.

Ciampa talked trash to him and Gargano fired away with strikes but Ciampa cut him off. Gargano with a superkick, clothesline then sent him face first into the turnbuckle and a super kick for 2. Gargano went to the top rope but was cut off by Ciampa. Ciampa went for a back suplex but Gargano fought out of it. Ciampa hit his finisher off the top rope for 2. Ciampa took off his knee brace and pad. Gargano hit the bad knee of Ciampa with the brace then broke the crutch and acted like he was going to hit him with it. However, he didn’t as Ciampa covered up. Ciampa tried to hit him with the brace but Gargano moved and locked in the STF with the brace for the win.

Winner: Gargano

NXT Results-April 4th,2018
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We have a video package for the Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano Unsanctioned Match.

Johnny asks why. He says he saw him as his brother and best friend. He did not think Ciampa was capable of that. Ciampa says Johnny brought this upon himself because he was selfish. Ciampa says he carried the team and then he got injured. Gargano says it was special. Ciampa says he was looking for his moment. Gargano says that Ciampa was not there. He says he thought he had it all worked out. Ciampa says it finally happened at Takeover Philadelphia. He says you were selfish to put your career on the line. Ciampa says he wanted to rip out his heart.

Gargano says you can strike him down as a man, but as a symbol he will live forever. His job is on the line. If he wins, he is reinstated in NXT. Ciampa says this is unsanctioned you do not know what he will do. He says he will take Johnny’s soul and heart. Johnny Wrestling ends. They both say they will have their moment.

Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa (Unsanctioned Match)
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After nearly a year of anticipation, one of the most bitter rivalries in NXT history will come to a head at TakeOver: New Orleans when Johnny Gargano faces former tag team partner and best friend Tommaso Ciampa in an Unsanctioned Match.

If Johnny Wrestling prevails, he will be reinstated as an NXT Superstar, a status he lost in February after Ciampa cost Gargano his job in an all-or-nothing NXT Title Match against Andrade “Cien” Almas. If Ciampa is victorious, Gargano will be banished from NXT forever.

Not only is Gargano fighting for his chance to return to the black-and-yellow brand, but the beloved competitor is also hunting for retribution against The Blackheart, who has committed countless injustices against Gargano since cruelly betraying him last May at TakeOver: Chicago. Ciampa, meanwhile, is desperate to get rid of Gargano once and for all. From disguising himself as a fan and springing a sneak attack from the crowd, to coming to Ciampa’s house in the middle of the night, Gargano has gone to extreme lengths to get his hands on his onetime #DIY teammate.

Driven mad by Gargano’s unrelenting pursuit, Ciampa finally appealed to NXT General Manager William Regal for a solution. Conceding that Gargano’s out-of-ring attacks must stop, Regal ruled that an Unsanctioned Match was in order, bringing into focus what is sure to be a fierce brawl in The Big Easy.

Can Gargano overcome his onetime ally and secure his return to NXT? Or will Ciampa send Johnny Wrestling packing for good from the black-and-yellow brand? Given the unique unsanctioned circumstances, there’s no telling how far Gargano and Ciampa will go to settle the score. The only thing for certain is that this grudge match will be a can’t-miss conflict.

Watch Johnny Gargano go to war with Tommaso Ciampa at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans, streaming live on Saturday, April 7, at 8 ET/5 PT, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

Johnny Gargano tries to chase down Tommaso Ciampa in the WWE PC ...
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WWE.com cameras catch Johnny Gargano trying to cut off Tommaso Ciampa’s arrival at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla.

Johnny Gargano returns to find Tommaso Ciampa NXT Exclusive, Mar...
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While on the hunt for Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano is denied re-entry into Full Sail University

NXT Results-March 21st,2018
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Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring and the Florida crowd is about as unsympathetic as the Center Stage crowd.

Ciampa gets the crowd to be quiet for a moment but when he starts to talk they get loud enough to keep him from speaking, but the chants are a mix for Ciampa and Gargano.

Ciampa tells everyone that He’s Gone. Newsflash, he’s not walking down that damn aisle. He is gone.

The crowd chants ‘Ciampa Sucks’ and he raises both arms and drops the mic before leaving the ring.

Some fans taunt Ciampa with the Gargano signs and he takes one and rips it up. He then takes a larger sign and he rips it in front of the fan. Ciampa continues to take signs from fans as he goes around ringside.

Johnny Gargano is in the crowd and he attacks Ciampa. They go into the ring and security pulls Johnny away. Gargano is escorted out of the building.